Bath & Facilities

The communal baths were renovated in 2005 and use hot spring water. Kofukuji Temple's five-story pagoda may be seen while soaking in the new open-air bath.The pagoda is illuminated at night, offering a particularly spectacular view.

Open-air bath

Pict : open-air bath : day

Pict : open-air bath : night

Feel the ancient breeze while soaking yourself in the artificial calcium carbonate bath water.
Our open-air bath overlooks the Five-story Pagoda (Goju-no-tou) as well as the Nan-en-do, promising you a soothing atmosphere.
Enjoy the scenic bath at its best when the Five-story Pagoda (Goju-no-tou) is lit up in the evening.

* Open Hours : 4:00 PM ? 11 : 30 PM, 6 : 00 AM ? 9 : 30 AM (The five-story pagoda is lit up until 10 : 00 PM)

Large bath

Pict : Men's bath "Kasuga-no-Yu"

Pict : Women's bath "Wakakusa-no-Yu"

The travertine ores from the “Futamata Hot Spring (Onsen)” in Hokkaido are used for our artificial travertine hot spring.
Relax your body after a long day’s travel in the top-quality, mineral-rich calcium carbonate bath water.

* Open Hours : 4 : 00 PM ? 11 : 30 PM, 6 : 00 AM ? 9 : 30 AM

Private bath

Pict : Private bath

Open-air bath, all to yourself ! (For exclusive private use)
The bath looks out the Five-story Pagoda (Goju-no-tou) and it’s the most scenic and private atmosphere you’ve never experienced.

Escape from the mundane, and enjoy the elegance of the ancient capital.


Pict : Facilities

Pict : Facilities

Hotel facilities include baths, restaurant, banquet room, karaoke room, non-smoking rooms and a car park (extra charge).

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